A Diverse Campaign Calling for Drug Decriminalisation

Represented by civil society, service users & providers

Mission & Approach

To strategise together to end the criminalisation of people who use drugs in Irish society, leading up to the Citizen's Assembly under the current government and beyond.


     WHEREAS; the overall situation regarding the use and sale of drugs in Ireland and the crime and misery that accompany it has continued to deteriorate with the passing years; and

     WHEREAS; our nation has continued to  attempt, at enormous financial cost and loss of civil liberties to resolve drug use through the criminal justice system, with accompanying increase of prisons and numbers of inmates; and

     WHEREAS; the untaxed revenues generated by the illicit drug trade are undermining legitimate governments world wide;

     THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; that the people of the Republic of Ireland through their lawful elected officials recognise that drug use can be a medical and social issues, and that they must be addressed with medical and social solutions.

     FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED; that the funding and distribution of all present day illegal drugs and any future illegal drug that may enter the market be controlled, financed and regulated by authorised Government agencies.

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